Graduate Level Courses & Seminars

Graduate Level Courses and Seminars

For the academic year 2018–2019, CONSIRT administrators and affiliates developed the course Empirical Research in the Social Sciences: Design, Implementation and Write-up (, offered to PhD students at the international Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences (GSSR PAN). The course focuses on the logic of theory-driven and empirically-based social science research and the process underlying scientific production. It comprises two independent, albeit complimentary, components. Part I, offered in Autumn 2018, taught students the practicalities of moving from research design to research implementation. Part II, offered in Spring 2019, focuses on reading and writing social science publications.

developed the Proseminar in Cross-National Studies, From Idea to Research and Publishing in the Social Sciences, offered at GSSR PAN. The Proseminar consists of a series of lectures and debates that walk students through the process of academic professionalization and turning ideas into social science research and publishable work.

Throughout the academic year at IFiS PAN, CONSIRT organizes a seminar series devoted to analyses of POLPAN panel data. OSU doctoral students and/or PAN doctoral students, as well as alumni of both institutions, participate in this POLPAN seminar.