Harmonization 2016 Volume 2 Issue 1

Harmonization Newsletter Summer 2016 (Volume 2 Issue 1)

Articles in this issue:

Quality of Survey Data: How to Estimate It and Why It Matters by Melanie Revilla, Willem Saris and the Survey Quality Predictor (SQP) team

Estimation Bias due to Duplicated Observations: A Monte Carlo Simulation by Francesco Sarracino and Małgorzata Mikucka

Survey Weights as Indicators of Data Quality by Marta Kołczyńska, Marcin W. Zieliński, and Przemek Powałko


In this newsletter, we also present news about GESIS’s CharmStats, a research grant from The Ohio State University’s Mershon Center, a report on the recent data harmonization conference held in Warsaw in December of last year, and an abstract of a presentation at the International Sociological Association Forum of Sociology in Vienna, Austria, 2016.

As always, we invite all scholars interested in survey data harmonization to read our newsletter and contribute their articles and news to future editions.