Harmonization 2017 Volume 3 Issue 1

Harmonization Newsletter Summer 2017 (Volume 3, Issue 1)

Articles in this issue:

Quality Assessment in the European Social Survey by Koen Beullens, Geert Loosveldt, and Caroline Vandenplas, Centre for Sociological Research – University of Leuven, Belgium

Data Quality and Cross-national Comparability of Educational Attainment: New Publications by Verena Ortmanns and Silke Schneider, GESIS, Germany

Harmonization of the Measurement of Occupations in Multi-country Surveys by Kea Tijdens, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Quality Controls and Their Application to Substantive Analyses of Data from International Survey Projects by Irina Tomescu-Dubrow, Kazimierz M. Slomczynski, and Marta Kołczyńska, Polish Academy of Sciences, CONSIRT, and The Ohio State University, USA

Surveillance, Privacy, and Leaks: Google Big Data in Cross National Perspective by Anna H. Turner, Graduate School for Social Research, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland

We also have news that the Harmonization Project published its data on Harvard’s Dataverse, and The Ohio State University opened the Translational Data Analytics Institute focused on big data. We have an announcement of a SERISS workshop in Amsterdam, a report from a presentation at CSDI in Mannheim, and a summary of a conference organized by CONSIRT at The Ohio State University’s Mershon Center on the methodology of studying protest.