Graduate Level Courses

CONSIRT furthers the educational goals of its partner institutions and the scientific goals of academic and professional communities by training students at all levels in how to turn their ideas into manageable research projects. With a strong emphasis on the ethics of scientific research.

[For more information on Courses on Graduate Level, see Overview of Training Programs]

Workshops and Seminars

Since 2008, CONSIRT has organized numerous international workshops for young scholars. For each event, CONSIRT secured funding to ensure that student participation is free of charge, and to cover some of students’ expenses with travel, accommodation and/or meals…

[For more information on Workshops and Seminars, see Overview of Training Programs]

The OSU Study Abroad Program

To enhance student training through international experience and personalized research, in 2008 CONSIRT established, with the OSU Office for International Affairs, the Warsaw Summer School in the Social Sciences. This Program is for undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying Central and East European (CEE) societies in cross-national and historical contexts…

[For more information on The OSU Study Abroad Program, see Overview of Training programs]

Learning-though-Research: Students’ Individualized Research Projects

CONSIRT has made learning-through-research a priority of its teaching strategy. With the guidance of CONSIRT faculty, all undergraduate and graduate students select a research topic of their interest, to which they apply the knowledge that courses, training sessions and seminars impart. CONSIRT offers on-going assistance throughout the project, and encourages students to present their work at national and international meetings, and to submit it for publication considerations…

[For more information on Learning-Through-Research, see Overview of Training Programs]

Mentoring Students’ Applications for Fellowships, Scholarships and Grants

By working alongside CONSIRT, students have been very successful. Students won OSU Undergraduate Research Office Research Fellowships, OSU SBS Undergraduate Research Award, OSU Arts and Sciences (ASC) Undergraduate Research Scholarship, OSU Second-Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP), OSU Polish Studies Initiative Research Award, and Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) Undergraduate Students Travel Grant, among others.

[For more information on Mentoring Students, see Overview of Training Programs]

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