CONSIRT faculty and students have published extensively from CONSIRT-based research, some of which extends from the Across Nations Project. CONSIRT research projects have led to 30 publications in prestigious academic journals…

[For more information on Publications, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]

The Ohio State University Libraries and Polish Academy of Sciences co-Publish Ask: Research and Methods

In 2014, CONSIRT facilitated an agreement between The Ohio State University Libraries (OSUL) and the Polish Academy of Sciences to co-publish Ask: Research and Methods, an English language, international peer-reviewed social science methodology journal.

[For more information on co-publishing of ASK, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]

Standards for Cross-National Research

CONSIRT promotes high quality standards for interdisciplinary cross-national research and is currently developing guidelines on several issues that researchers and funding agencies have recently raised…

[For more information on Research Standards, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]

Data Collection and Analysis. Data Management

CONSIRT is strongly involved in gathering, analyzing and managing data relevant for cross-national and comparative studies.Our flagship is the Harmonization Project…

[For more information on Data, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]

Conferences and Conference Sessions

CONSIRT has organized six international conferences, as well as numerous sessions at the leading academic meetings in the social sciences…

[For more information on Conferences, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]

CONSIRT Labs: Innovative Solutions for Complex Problems

In 2014, CONSIRT selected two major research and training projects to become CONSIRT Labs.

For more information, see CONSIRT Labs.

Grant Applications for Recent Research Projects

Joint research efforts between CONSIRT faculty at OSU and IFiS PAN, and at other institutions around the world, have resulted in a number of current grants…

[For more information on grants, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]


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