CONSIRT faculty and students have published extensively from CONSIRT-based research, some of which extends from the Across Nations Project. CONSIRT research projects have led to numerous publications in prestigious academic journals…

[For more information on Publications, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]

The Ohio State University Libraries and Polish Academy of Sciences co-Publish Ask: Research and Methods

In 2014, CONSIRT facilitated an agreement between The Ohio State University Libraries (OSUL) and the Polish Academy of Sciences to co-publish Ask: Research and Methods, an English language, international peer-reviewed social science methodology journal.

[For more information on co-publishing of ASK, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]

Standards for Cross-National Research

CONSIRT promotes high quality standards for interdisciplinary cross-national research and is currently developing guidelines on several issues that researchers and funding agencies have recently raised…

[For more information on Research Standards, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]

Data Collection, Analysis, and Management

CONSIRT is strongly involved in gathering, analyzing and managing data relevant for cross-national and comparative studies.Our flagship is the Harmonization Project…

[For more information on Data, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]

Conferences and Conference Sessions

CONSIRT has organized numerous international conferences and sessions in the social sciences…

[For more information on Conferences, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]

Grant Applications for Recent Research Projects

Joint research efforts between CONSIRT faculty at OSU and IFiS PAN, and at other institutions around the world, have resulted in a number of current grants…

[For more information on grants, see Overview of CONSIRT Research]


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