Kazimierz M. Slomczynski, Director of CONSIRT [website]

Prof. Kazimierz M. SlomczynskiKazimierz M. Slomczynski is Emeritus Professor, Department of Sociology, OSU and Professor Dr. Hab. at the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is a leading expert in the methodology of cross-national research, and of longitudinal studies. Professor Slomczynski directs the Polish Panel Survey POLPAN 1988-2013, a unique longitudinal study on the transformation of the Polish stratification system after 1989. He also directs the Harmonization Project, which involves the ex-post harmonization of cross-national survey data sets from 1966 to 2014.  Substantively, Professor Slomczynski’s areas of expertise are Social Stratification, Occupations and Work, and Political Sociology.

Irina Tomescu-Dubrow, Program Manager  [Website]

Irina Tomescu-DubrowIrina Tomescu-Dubrow received her PhD from the Department of Sociology, The Ohio State University. She is Associate Professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences. She co-directs, with Prof. Slomczynski, the OSU Study Abroad Program in Poland. Her work includes research in social stratification, ethnicity, structural change, cross-national methodology, and political sociology.

Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow, Projects and Labs Coordinator  [website]

Josh (2)Joshua Kjerulf Dubrow received his PhD from Department of Sociology, The Ohio State University. He is Professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Polish Academy of Sciences and member of the Executive Committee of the Committee on Political Sociology (International Sociological Association and International Political Science Association). His research interests are in social stratification, political inequality, intersectionality, and interdisciplinarity, among others.


The Steering Committee provides CONSIRT administration with professional advice and guidance on strategy design and supports them in identifying means to achieve CONSIRT’s objectives.

The composition of the Steering Committee reflects CONSIRT’s strive for excellence in both methodological and substantive research, as well as its focus on interdisciplinarity:

J. Craig Jenkins, Professor, Department of Sociology, OSU, and Chair of the CONSIRT Steering Committee

Claudia Buchmann, Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology, OSU

Andrzej Rychard, Professor and Director of the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology PAN

Janet Box-Steffensmeier, Vernal Riffe Professor of Political Science, Professor of Sociology, and Divisional Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Denise Bronson, Professor and Associate Dean, College of Social Work, OSU

John Casterline, Professor, Department of Sociology, and Director of the Institute for Population Research, OSU

Richard Herrmann, Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, OSU


Edward Crenshaw, Associate Professor, OSU

Marta Kolczynska, The Ohio State University

Malgorzata Mikucka, University of Mannheim, Germany

Olena Oleksiyenko, IFiS PAN

Francesco Sarracino, STATEC, Luxembourg

Peter J. Tunkis, The Ohio State University, OSU

Kinga Wysienska-Di Carlo, Albert Shanker Institute, USA

Illona Wysmulek, IFiS PAN




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