CONSIRT has succeeded in building an international network of scholars and institutions with the aim of collaboration in high-quality international and interdisciplinary research projects.

Institutional Basis for International Research and Training Collaboration

CONSIRT has on-going collaborations with selected institutions of higher education
in Europe:

Under the Graduate School for Social Research (GSSR) PAN – Lancaster University Agreement on Dual Doctoral Degree in Sociology, PAN students involved in CONSIRT already benefited from courses at Lancaster.

International Collaborative Network of Scholars

OSU alumni are one of CONSIRT’s greatest assets. Dr. Joshua K. Dubrow and Dr. Irina Tomescu-Dubrow are central to CONSIRT’s administration. Scholars such as Dr. Elizabeth Osborn, Dr. Sandra Marquart-Payatt, Dr. Clayton Peoples, Dr. Robert Kunovich, Dr. Sheri Kunovich, Dr. Helen Rizzo, Dr. Alicia Weaver, Dr. jimi adams, Dr. Christina Xydias, and Dr. Carolyn Smith Keller, who hold positions at prestigious academic institutions in the US and abroad, are linked to researchers in the Egypt, Great Britain, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania and other countries.

CONSIRT is continually expanding its network of scholars from across academic fields in different countries. Up to now, CONSIRT projects have already involved scholars from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Egypt, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, and European countries. CONSIRT’s presence in Central and Eastern Europe is very strong, and growing in time. Currently, CONSIRT is working closely with scholars from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine.

International Experience of Undergraduate and Graduate Students

CONSIRT activities enhance graduate and undergraduate academic experience and broaden students’ awareness of history, culture and social diversity. From the 1990s, when the close collaboration of OSU – PAN leading to CONSIRT started, 48 graduate students from the OSU Departments of Sociology and Political Science have participated in collaborative cross-national research with either the Across Nations Project and/or CONSIRT. The vast majority participated in international academic endeavors, including international workshops and seminars in Warsaw.

The experience that OSU students gain in Poland extends beyond the technical aspects of research production: All gained knowledge about people and culture in post-communist Europe at a level which would not be possible without going beyond the borders of an American university setting. Many of the student participants have continued their research on Europe.

Networking at the Founding Institutions

At OSU, CONSIRT is engaged in common projects with the Mershon Center for International Security Studies, the College of Social Work, the Office of International Affairs, the Center for Slavic and East European Studies, the Undergraduate International Studies Program, and the Polish Studies Initiative. At PAN, CONSIRT collaborates with the Institute of Political Studies, the Committee on Sociology, the Institute of Economic Studies, and the Institute of Slavic Studies.



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