Innovative Solutions for Complex Problems

In 2014, CONSIRT selected two major research and training projects to become CONSIRT Labs.

To generate innovative solutions to complex social science problems, CONSIRT built laboratories based on the principles of unselfish cooperation and open communication in an environment that embraces open science technology and encourages interdisciplinary interactions. CONSIRT Labs, under the organizational guidance of CONSIRT administration, provide the tools necessary for an international network of dedicated students and other scholars to collaborate on research.

CONSIRT promotes inter-institutional cooperation to share the resources necessary for the day-to-day functioning of CONSIRT Labs, and in so doing we created laboratories that are rich in experience, diverse in ideas and cost effective. CONSIRT Labs have established physical and virtual spaces for people at The Ohio State University, the Polish Academy of Sciences and in other leading academic institutions to collaborate. CONSIRT Labs rely on the specific research expertise and infrastructure of its physical hosts, as well as on the collective expertise the scientific network enjoys as a whole.

CONSIRT seeks to expand the Labs’ research and training portfolio and improve their efficiency. This inter-institutional collaboration would be facilitated and enhanced as CONSIRT integrates into the structure of OSU.

Currently, the two CONSIRT Labs are:

CONSIRT Labs: Methodology of Survey Data Harmonization

This Lab brings together scholars, via international workshops and conferences and in virtual spaces, to solve complex methodological problems of survey data harmonization in the social sciences.

For general information and list of Lab members: Data

For Lab members: Google Site on Data Harmonization

Working Papers for this Lab: CONSIRT Working Papers

CONSIRT Labs: Undergraduate Student Research in the Social Sciences

We enhanced our annual OSU Summer School in Social Sciences into a research and training laboratory, complete with a virtual library and on-going research support for quantitative research projects that OSU undergraduates start within our Summer School. Incoming study abroad students will have access to the research endeavors of students from previous Summer Schools in order to collaborate on major research questions in the social sciences. This Laboratory is the only one of its kind in the social sciences at OSU.

For general information: Warsaw Summer School

Lab library: Summer School Library

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